Xu Zhongmin

Born in Sichuan Province, China, 1961, artist Xu Zhongmin has built a spectacular portfolio of mechanical installation art.  After graduating from Sichuan Fine Art Academy in 1987, Xu came to live and work in London, continually producing work that would be exhibited widely across Asia and Europe over the coming decades. Now based between London and Beijing, he continues to create astounding installation pieces. 


Manipulating kinetic energy, mirrors, LED lighting and the monumentality of his chosen materials, Xu's work has a unique aspect that challenges our perception of, and interaction with, space and movement. His work conveys utopian ideals of order and rhythm where small sculptural figures ascend, descend and interact with one another in perfect harmony. Yet in their uniformity, there are palpable undercurrents of human emotion as we witness macabre skeletons marching tirelessly in unending lines, or genderless, neutral figures, forever climbing to the summit of their unnatural prison. As such, Xu asks the viewer to impose a narrative upon his installations, where we do not only marvel at his control of mechanics and illusion, but absorb and identify with the atmosphere held within.