Malcolm Liepke

10 May - 2 June 2019

Internationally acclaimed American aritst Malcolm Liepke returns to Pontone Gallery with a much anticipated Summer solo exhibition.


The beauty of Liepke's paintings is arrestingly self-evident. Through his subjects, he delves into various realms of human nature. Sensuality captured in an expression, a passionate embrace, the celebration of womanhood and feminine wiles are predominant themes he deftly conveys. Above all though, Leipke's work is concerned with exploring the engagement between subject and viewer. An alluring look can turn into a piercingly lustful stare, trapping the onlooker. Such a direct connection with the subject verges on awkward and discomforting, if only momentarily, before being permitted to relax in the enjoyment of the reciprocated gaze. In contrast, our voyeuristic tendencies are provoked by seemingly catching a glimpse of an intimate moment in time, captured like a still from a film your mother would not approve of.