Kelvin Okafor | Retrospective

Featuring a never seen before portrait of The Beatles’ John Lennon

This retrospective will feature a never seen before portrait of The Beatles’ John Lennon. Okafor’s most ambitious piece to date took more than 215 hours to create the photo-realistic portrait. Using just graphite and charcoal pencils, Okafor effectively captures the essence of the legendary singer, songwriter and peace activist with his emotional realism.


Alongside the unveiling of John Lennon, Okafor will be showcasing a selection of drawings from over the past 10 years at Mall Galleries from 11th - 15th September 2019. The art selected has contributed to the appreciation of Okafor’s painstakingly meticulous craftsmanship across the world. Earning him numerous awards nationwide, applause from art critics and becoming the first commissioned artist to have a pencil portrait on permanent display in the House of Commons.


Okafor has exhibited with The Pastel Society, the Royal Society of British Artistsand the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, where he was awarded The de Laszlo Foundation Award in 2013.

August 23, 2019
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